At Wellness Chiropractic Center, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. Read more of our unsolicited testimonials!

Dr. B., I spent one year with a different chiropractor without feeling much relief from neck pain due to and injury. Since coming to see you. I am feeling like myself again! You have been blessed with many skills, and I am so grateful to have been referred to you. Thanks for everything.

- Tina D.

Thank you so much Dr. B. for helping my boy feel so much better, he is walking like a normal human being. Thank you for everyone who works here and also to Sister Rosalind for creating the atmosphere so conducive to healing.

- Jennifer V.

I had severe hip pain and went to every doctor and physical therapist in town. I have been seeing Dr. B. for the last 3 years and no longer have severe pain. I do come in on a monthly basis for adjustments and acupuncture. I also can't say enough about the massages.

- Ann M.

I have severe fibromyalgia and mild lupus. I was practically bed-ridden for 8 years and had hit rock bottom when we found your clinic. A nutritionist had told me to change my diet, add massage to get my lymphatic system flowing and chiropractic and acupuncture to balance my system. (Before this advice I had been to many doctors and on medicine but was just getting worse.)

I could never had afforded to get regular treatments of massage, chiropractic and acupuncture if it hadn't been for the loving mission if Sister Rosalind to bring healing to all through her clinics. I didn't know it existed until that day my husband frantically looked for a place so I could get some relief. We both instantly felt like finding the clinic was a gift from God. I became a member that same day.

Because of the affordability, I was able to come twice a week. It is years later and I am in remission and medicine free. I control my fibro with nutrition, massage, chiro and acupuncture. Thank you... you have blessed my life! (and my family's life - they had a wife and mother in bed for too many years. They are happy to have me back!!)

- Melanie V.

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